03 April, 2008

I Wuz Robbed

Yesterday the price of unleaded gas at the station near my house was $3.08. Today it was $3.21. In less than 24 hours that means gas went up 13 cents. What the hell!? That's insane considering nothing drastic like the entire Middle East blowing up happened last night. That is an extreme spike for no apparent reason, especially considering it is not even the weekend yet. Whatever alternate fuel source they are working on they had better hurry up. This crap is ridiculous. Some people want to blame it on Bush. They say he and his cronies have conspired to make themselves more money by creating turmoil in the Middle East. That idea is almost too stupid to acknowledge. Is he above reproach? Of course not. But an individual does not get as far in life as Bush has by being either stupid or a sociopath, which would be the only explanations as to why he would start a war solely to make himself more money. Democrats will always be harsh of a Republican president and vice versa. Do you really believe that America would be so much better off if Al Gore had won the presidency in 2000? There's no guarantee but that's not really the point. Both parties are implicit. But nothing ever changes because people are too complacent. They will complain but they will never really do anything about it. So what is the solution? I don't claim to know but America as a whole is becoming too large and corrupt for the center to hold indefinitely (see: Roman Empire, Fall of). I didn't mean this to be a political diatribe but I'm really pissed to have to pay $3.21 for gas. That is more than half of what a person making minimum wage earns in an hour. Ridiculous.

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because I said so.... said...

I've already decided that if this gas shit don't stop and gas hits $4/gallon, I'm going to have to put an ad on middle eastern international craigslist looking to trade the little room under my stairs to a family of 5 afgani immigrants so the mom can clean and cook and the dad can pull me and my kids to school and work in a f'n ricksaw every damned day!

I'll even throw in the finger bell - no charge. but he's gotta buy his own damn dashiki. the children can earn extra money by crushing soda cans and disecting bic pens for the metal tips of the pen. I'd consider instead of the afgani family of 5 getting a few tibetian monks that are in need of refuge they're pretty clean/tidy and walk alot so should be able to pull a rickshaw but they pray too f'n much and that deep throated gutteral chanting would probably send me over the edge. I may download some chants from limewire to see what my tolerance level is to it, then decide.

You want in on some of this action if I find any good leads? let me know.