30 April, 2008

The Buzz

Last night my New Orleans Hornets (yes, there are some things in New Orleans I will lay claim to) eliminated the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Of course I am very happy but what makes it even sweeter is that absolutely none of the so-called experts picked us to win. We were inexperienced they said and Dallas was a veteran team. We would wilt under the playoff lights they surmised. Well, they underestimated Chris Paul. That kid is the absolute truth. Dallas had no answer for him whatsoever. The one game they did win was the only one he didn't dominate in and that was not particularly because of anything they did to stop him. The Hornets are one of the few things I truly missed about New Orleans (my sons, the food and the Tigers are the others) and I'm glad to be back in time for this historic playoff run. We won a record number of games this year for the franchise, we won our first division title ever, we won the first playoff series for a New Orleans NBA franchise ever. On top of that Byron Scott won Coach of the Year and Chris Paul will almost certainly finish no worse than second in the MVP voting. Of course, given my track record, I will not pick them to win it all because coming from me that is the kiss of death. Instead I will fully endorse the L.A. Lakers and their petulant star, Kobe Bryant. Break a leg, bitch. Literally. Go Hornets.

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haonmot's woman said...

Yeah, I clearly remember Michael Wilbon on PTI saying after the All Star stuff (the second half of the season) the Hornets will not have as good of a season as they did the first. Man, I miss PTI (never thought I would say that)! Anyway, yeah I am happy they are on the road to the second round! Maybe now New Orleaneans will embrace and support them as they do the Saints and LSU.