01 October, 2007

Playing Dumb

As you can likely tell by the title of this blog, I have been often accused of feeling superior to others. This is partly true. But it also depends upon which criteria you are using. There have been many times I have been sitting in a classroom or meeting or social gathering and thought to myself "Man, I am really out of my element here". If it comes to almost any kind of home or automotive repair, I am almost completely inept. I got excited just because I was able to change my outlets and have them still work. To be fair, there are many other things I do feel I am "superior" in. Yet the point of this particular post is not to establish or unestablish (is that a word? It is now) my superiority over others. No, the point is, do I (or anyone else) have a responsibility to "act dumber" just to make others feel comfortable? I would argue no. While you should also not rub it in some one's face that you know more than them or can do something they can't you also shouldn't feel obligated to act like an idiot just to boost their ego. One of the problems with society today is that people are WAY too concerned with offending someone else. I have news for you. No matter what you do or say, someone, somewhere is going to be offended. We have a problem when the majority tries to appease the minority (and I am not talking about race here). It seems we are forced to appeal to the lowest common denominator. While it's fine to try and include as many people as possible it's really not fair for those who are "superior" to have to settle for mediocrity. Everyone should want to try to better themselves in at least one area of their life. Everyone should strive to be considered "superior" and not just be content to be one of the mindless, status quo masses. If that viewpoint makes me sound superior, well.... I can live with it.