21 April, 2008

Sunday Night Sounds

Last night my friend provided tickets for us to go see one of my all time favorite bands, Rush. I was glad to go but not really overly so. I love the band but recent albums have taken some of the shine off that love. But seats in a suite and free food and seeing my friend for the first time in almost 2 years outweighed my apathy. Am I ever glad it did. That show rocked. I know that sounds very trite but it gets the point across. My only complaint is that they played a lot of stuff off the new CD which I don't know. However, they also played a lot of their old stuff which made it all worth sitting through. I'm not really one for concerts to begin with but this one definitely helped me fall in love with Rush all over again.

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John Ward said...

Limbaugh started a band?! Is there nothing that man can't do?