24 April, 2008

Blowing Out the Candles

Today is my 37th birthday. At least, that's what the calendar says. I don't "feel" 37 (what the hell does that mean anyways?). Physically, I feel closer to 47. Mentally, about 22. I guess maybe age really is just a number after all, especially these days. People are living longer and most of us still try to hang on to our youth for as long as we can by doing things that respectable adults shouldn't. I mean, at 37 should I still get giddy about video games, comics, and "geek" fantasy? Should I still listen to the Beastie Boys, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine? Should I still be working jobs that a diploma-less 18 year old could? Probably not. But the point is, these days anything goes. Nobody really judges anyone else because we all do things that tradition tells us we should have given up years ago. Maybe that's the secret to staying young. To just keep thinking you are and to act like it every day.


haonmot's woman said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are still an old fart to me...LOL!!!

Stizz said...

Happy belated. :)

because I said so.... said...

37? what?! Dude, I had no idea you were that much older than us.. us being the collective average age of the Ya Ya's - 33.

ha, you've got the mental age of 22? lmao. ok.. it's so obvious.

getting giddy about video games and comic books and wearing your Spock ears when the show comes on.. oh, wait.. you didn't mention that.. I just assumed - that doesn't necessarily mean you are mentally young.. that mean's your a freak.

still listening to the Boys, Soundgarden and Rage means 2 things. you've got good taste in music despite the fact that you lived over a year in Soddy-friggin-Daisy (we are worried about the affects on the misses and Lil Py btw) and 2.. you're an angry white male. big whoop.

I do however, agree with your last line.. "Maybe that's the secret to staying young. To just keep thinking you are and to act like it every day". Feeling one's age is mind over matter.. if you don't mind, it don't matter.

I heard it said that the key is not to let your life dictate your pleasure but if you allow pleasure to dictate your life, then you will find passion. or some shit like that.. i'm trying to remember where I heard that. it was either a fortune cookie or a raunchy movie where some guy was trying to pick up some girl.

anywho.. you'll feel your age when that baby comes and you do the math to realize how old you'll be when he/she turns 18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! lol

the freaky one said...

As I am new to this blog , I am telling you Happy Birthday belatedly but, I hope that your significant other relayed the earlier wish I made to you on said birthday.

As for the Boys, Soundgarden etc., I don't know what you are so worried about. I listen to the same and look at me....ok, bad example but, anyway not a big deal.

I say who cares what age you are, what you listen to, or what your extracurricular activities are be they video games, comic books, animal porn, it's who you are. Embrace it.
A good way to think...

People who lack the strength to be themselves are always trying to tear down those who do.

Friggen weaklings!!! To hell and back with them!!

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

Hate me, go ahead and make my day.

Ta Ta for now.