07 April, 2008

Wrong Again

My inability to correctly predict the outcome of sporting events continues to astound me. As you may or may not have noticed, neither of my picks to make it to the NCAA championship game made it past Saturday night. Yes, Memphis beat UCLA and Kansas finished off North Carolina after having a 28 point lead at one juncture. You may remember I also missed mightily on the Super Bowl (both on winner and scoring output). So, I could bother to pick tonight's game but that would probably jinx the poor team. Instead, I'll go with my uncle's pick (which he called the first weekend of the tournament by the way) and go with Memphis. My uncle, unlike me, has an uncanny ability to properly predict the outcome of sporting events. Over the years I have lost many bets to him but luckily, being such a nice uncle, he never collects. It is firmly established then, do not go with my picks. In that light, I wish to heartily endorse the New York Yankees to win this year's World Series. Good luck, suckers.

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