31 March, 2008

Half Right Ain't Half Bad

The Final Four is set and my pick to win it all still remains as does my runner-up so, all things considered, I didn't do too bad. North Carolina and UCLA still can meet in the championship game. I missed on Texas and real big on Georgetown. But all four number 1 seeds have never made it to the Final Four before so I'm far from the only one who missed on this. Despite history being made I still feel that this year's tournament has been lacking much drama. I believe that the fact that chalk won out (i.e. all 4 top seeds won out) proves my point. The only truly dramatic upset was Davidson beating Georgetown. Ratings for the tournament as a whole seldom fluctuate much so the mediocrity of this year's version wouldn't be reflected there. It will be interesting to see how many people tune in for this weekend's games. They'll be hyped beyond belief by ESPN and other sports outlets, you can rest assured. Unfortunately, as with many things in our society, that is how people measure importance...by how much something is talked about. In this case, don't be fooled. The final games may be great but it won't hide the fact that the overall product has been bland.

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