21 March, 2008

Signs of Spring

Yes, you can choose to determine how close spring (and by extension, summer) are by paying attention to the weather. I choose to do so by the sports calendar. And, according to said calendar...spring is pretty much here. March Madness has begun (rather dully thus far it must be said). NBA playoffs are near. The NFL draft is around the corner. Baseball is about to begin. Now, baseball may not be my favorite sport(it ranks about 4th or 5th) but I love Opening Day. Maybe it's the air of hope that surrounds every team. Maybe it's because it does signify a quasi-official end to winter. Whatever it is, it's addictive. So, I'll watch as much as I can. Once again, I'm ready to follow my Red Sox all the way to another championship.

1 comment:

cherigrace said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY opening day!!!!!
And it's in March this year, how cool is that???
The only bad thing is i have to work the night before, and we almost always lose on opening day. oh well, it means the season is underway! (Scary as that may be for the Cubs fan)
I hear congratulations are in order....!!
I love you!
cheri grace:)