08 May, 2008

What the Hell Have I Done?

First let me say I am more than happy that my wife and her friend have decided to grace my little blog here. But I am starting to get this sinking feeling that they are trying to usurp my power. Your comments are quite welcome here, particularly when they are on subject. However, rating various actors "hotness" is neither required nor requested. As far as I know most of my regular readers are straight males so the way a guy looks in a superhero movie does not really matter to us. Just for the record though, I thought Robert Downey Jr. actually ended up as quite a convincing Tony Stark. I didn't think he was the best casting at first either but he ended up proving me wrong (and we all know how hard it is to prove me wrong). I thought Terrence Howard, on the other hand, was terribly cast and very robotic in his part as James Rhodes (who, I hope, in the sequel will don the War Machine suit). Anyways, ladies thanks for your time and comments. Let's just make sure they stay on point and we don't devolve into Entertainment Tonight or, even worse, Access Hollywood. And to my other readers, don't be intimidated by these two. I continue to look forward to your comments. Maybe you can help me maintain control of what has apparently become a celebrity rating site...


because I said so.... said...

I am fighting back with all my restraint not to unleash a curse word laden tirade upon your scalp. I dont want your power, you feind!!! I possess plenty of my own powers which are better than yours.. nah nah nah boo boo.

first off.. dude? what regular readers? what tha hell are you talking about? For the record, I dont watch any prime time t.v. or shows like entertainment tonight or access hollywood.. i watch discovery channel and/or adult swim. so bite me.

an actor(ress) hotness is always up for discussion in rating someone's performance. what planet (or moon) do you live on? if someone does not physically fit the part then there's no way he/she can be convincing in said part. for example.. Daredevil and Elektra. I don't know your thoughts on these 2 movies but I happened to like them especially Elektra. why? because Jennifer Garner is hot as hell, as one would think Elektra should be. Jennifer Garner's hotness sold that movie and that comic coming to life for me. Another case in point, Halle Berry as Storm. Are you telling me that hottness has no affect on a movie character? then tell me that the movie would have been just the same had hmmmm, I don't know.. Queen Latifah or Rosie played the role? both good actresses.. but really? you'd be ok and impressed? dude, whatev.. get over it.

Terrence Dashon Howard is an EXCELLENT dramatic actor - he's jus a pimp man. He IS Hustle & Flow. I haven't seen Iron Man to rate my performance just yet.

You cannot dictate the tone and content of comments! I have to research it but that's most certainly intellectual infringement! and that, Pal, is a crime (in about 20 states)

Again with the other readers? where are these other readers you speak of? bring them hither to me! let them reveal themselves.

Look Pal, if you were to post a string discussing your garden gnome collection or things policital in nature, then you'd probably not get much of a hottness commentary from me.. cuz we all know that no one in the military is hot, otherwise they'd be underwear models. I dont know where that came from,... i just made that up. I know it's not true b/c Bobby Lashley was in the Army and he's built like a brick shit house.

that's all I got for right now. you bore me (kidding)

Stizz said...

Oh oh...

Me me me!!

I'm a regular reader!!

and for the record, garden gnomes rock.

They rockth muchly!

because I said so.... said...

garden gnomes rock?

enough said.