06 May, 2008

Because I Said So...

Ok, I don't know why it took her so damn long but one of my wife's wittier friends has finally decided to join my little corner of the blogoverse. You can see her many comments here on this site (she is the one posting under "because i said so" and no, I have no earthly idea why). Anyways, as I mentioned, she is ordinarily pretty humorous and thinks much like I do, which makes her cool. As an aside, this is generally how I refer to my wife's friends: the witty one, the freaky one and the stuffy one I don't really know that well. Back to the point. Welcome, my quasi-Canadian friend (don't ask, but I assure you it's not insulting Canadians so you can rest easy, Stizz). Hopefully, because i said so will continue to visit us and spread the gospel of the Superiority Report. I mean, how else can I save humanity from the forces of stupidity if more people aren't reading? Let's spread the word, people.


haonmot's woman said...

I love the way the Ya-Ya's have colored your life! I am a little confused as to who the witty one is and who the freak is. I have the stuffy one figured out, but the other two are both freaks.

because I said so.... said...

oohhhhh myyyyy gooooddddddd.. I've got SO much to say the thoughts are just overwhelming my mind.. I do hope my fingers can keep up.

I am flattered to be referenced in an original blog! fyi, that means I'm special. as if you didn't know. What took me so long? I'll spare you "a day in the life of me - so bite me' run down and just simply state, the truth is.. I dont really like you that much. lol.. kidding! you're a total dork - term of endearment, which I find absolutely amusing and you're still the funniest straight guy I've ever met! sober, at that!

Mooch-os Grassy-ass (you have to say it in your mind with a very pronounced southern accent to get the full effect) on acknowledging my wittiness. Because I said so... is my commentary/blog identity. However, please do note when referencing my identity, not to forget the ellipsis following thereto. ;~) the ellipsis is my favorite punctuation.

H's Woman - I'm with you.. trying to figure out who is who. I mean if we go off our Ya Ya names then one is obvious.. but you are correct.. while I am indeed witty.. Fiesty and I are definitely both freaks. I'd say me more so than her. that's just my opinion.

I can now die b/c he thinks I'm cool! ok, I'ma David-Blaine-it now (fyi to you bossman - I invented that term, like Paris'- that's hot) .. gotta see if I've had any responses to my rickshaw ad!

Peace out Be'otches.

haonmot's woman said...

See Sean, there are some exceptions to the Chalmette label. Because I said so...is proof, plus you married me!

because I said so.... said...

very true.. there are exceptions.. for instance, the first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is find my purse, THEN I put my clothes back on, THEN I ask "what's your name again", THEN I go home. see, we're not all the same!

the freaky one said...

I would first like to say that I am also honored to be mentioned in an original blog. It suits me just fine, as we ALL know, and for those who do not, I AM the most special, The Queen, as I have been dubbed. I must say that I do have some issues I'd like to address with you, my friend.

Unlike my much wittier, fire-tongued friend,because i said so...., I can't put into words all that is running through my head but, I can assure you that plenty is swirling through this freakish mind. First, I would love to know how I got deemed the freaky one? Is it the hair? I mean seriously, you'd think that being back here in New Orleans you'd be quite used to the varying rainbow of hair hues. Sir, I must tell you that you mustn't judge a book by it's cover.

I have to say that after speaking to your significant other, I was quite taken back as to why you would think that if I could pass "the test" well then it should be a cakewalk for you. Rest assured that under this quirky facade I am in fact a very mechanically inclined, knowledgeable person. Your veritable force to be reckoned with.

Now with that said, I am so very happy that you have found yourself back home here in the great Newalins ( the correct pronunciation, not the N'awlins as everyone who is not a tru yat would choose to believe.)and I can not wait to see what the future will bring for you, my bestest friend, daughter, and (soon to be corrupted by Ya's) unborn child. I can only hope that if you need anything in your search for honest work, i.e. references, a good word put in, etc. that you will not hesitate to call upon me. I will do everything in my power to help.

Ta Ta for now......

because I said so.... said...

yeah yeah.. Queen this, Queen that, blahX3.

but thank you on that wittier fire-tongued thing.. mooch-os grassy-ass - you know the drill ;~)

I have to agree that Freak is a very mechanically inclined, knowledgable person. she's got the shoulders like Brock Lesnar from man handling all that coffee. I think it's pretty safe to say that she could probably take you.. now I'll pay-per-view that! a mud and oil cage fight to the death! not really, but til someone cries "Queen!". Freak - I so need to get out. the Zoo? please?