06 May, 2008

The Result of Unrealistic Expectations

Regular readers of this blog will remember how eagerly I was anticipating the release of Iron Man, which came to theatres last Friday. I finally got to see it today and...it was alright. Part of that may be because I was looking forward to it so much. Another reason is because there really is not much Iron Man in Iron Man. Of course, as all first movies involving comic characters, it is mostly an origin story. The parts with Iron Man were really cool and the story was fine, there just wasn't enough action. The worst part was that the villain(s) in the movie were kinda lame and not really worthy of Iron Man. My final complaint was the cameo everyone spoke so much about. First of all, he was not green (which right away should tell you who it is not). Secondly, the cameo took place after all the credits had run at the end of the movie and was very short. Having said all this, I would watch the movie again and I think the next one (of course there will be a sequel) should be a lot more action packed. If you're a fan of comics and Iron Man in particular, go see this movie. If not, wait to rent it on DVD.


haonmot's woman said...

Oh, I think Robert Downy is a cutie pie...I have always been in love with him and can not wait to see the movie just to see him. Now Mr. Superiority, you are hunky to me but Robert is one of my celebrity loves. I was watching Entertainment Tonight this past Saturday (thanks to not having cable) and Robert was on talking about the movie. He almost did not get the part of Iron Man and it was not because of his past. They did not want to give him the part because the directors said he does not look a Superheo and I must agree. He said he buffed up a lot for the part to try and obtain that Superhero look.

because I said so.... said...

I'm ok w/ R.Downy.. he's not in my top 10 'Id do em' list, but so aren't a lot of people. get over it. I don't take R.D to be a natural for Iron Man and doubt his level of buffing up met the mark. I'm glad someone gave him some work. Rob on 104.1 did a phone interview with the guy that played the villian - Rob was saying how amped he was for the movie and hoped he wouldn't be let down. Looks like his worst fear was realized.

Barfo on the hunky hubby.. spare me. lol.. no disrespect buy I see my girls' hubby's as being like my brothers.

H - who do you think would have made a more believable IronMan, despite the lacking script and production. Christian Bale?!?! I'd do .. er, I mean, believe him.

I don't understand why movie makers think all action/adventure comic books and heros must be made into movies.. if there's no way the real life movie can truly do a comic hero justice and believably parlay the story line then either do it animated or leave it the hell alone. why?
because I said so.... (that's why!)

because I said so.... said...

I'm personally looking forward to the Chronicles sequel - May 16.

I'm more of an action and epic battles movie fan .. whether historically based or fantasy. Chronicles, 300 - current fav, Troy, The Rings, Gladiator, Cavemen the Movie, Braveheart, Star Wars - all of em, Titan AE (lol, love it! own it!), Planet of the Apes - classics!

I guess it's the struggles and battles, good over evil and right over wrong, who will prevail? and do I agree? even the less action packed movies that depict battles of ones soul.

maybe it's just the hot bodied guys getting dirty and fighting each other. yeah, that might be it. cuz lord knows I love me some Legolas. I'm hot for elf ears lmao

haonmot's woman said...

When you say H, I am assuming you are referring to me....RIGHT?!?

I think someone like the Rock should be considered for one of these Marvel movies Hollywood keeps putting out. His acting is getting A LOT better and Lord knows he has the Superhero body. Heath Ledger was working to Superhero status and I think Jacke Gillinhaul (sp?) is also in the running of making a good Superhero. If Toby McGuire could pull off Spiderman the way he did then Jake would be just fine.

Oh my, I hope we do not turn away any of Mr. Superiority's normal bloggers. He did ask me to get involved and have y'all involved. Sometimes you need to watch what you ask for.

haonmot's woman said...
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because I said so.... said...

actually when I say H - I'm referring to Haonmot.. b/c I figured we're not using 'real' names on here.. lol. so for you I'll say H's Woman, or something like that. But it doesn't really matter, I'm talking to everyone!

The Rock can play any role! you hear me? any-friggin-role! b/c he's a beast!

The few previews of Heath's coverage of the Joker seem to be promising.. but as with most things, I'll not hold my breath.

Gyllenhaal is a queer bait douche bag (not that there's anything wrong with that). You like those pretty boys don't you H's Woman?

Can't we try Vin Diesel on for size as a super hero?

H's is going to kick us out of his precious realm and make us get a blog of our own. To late String Bean. my whole life IS a blog! welcome to my world. now, go fetch me a beer! I actually had my own blog going for a spell but I've got so much amazing stuff to say that I was always typing. I need to get paid for it.

because I said so . . .

the freaky one said...

Hmmmm.... The Rock, a good choice. A very tasty choice I must say. I'd just like to say that I am not above (fill in the blank) to get a shot at that.

As for Heath Ledger, I hear that he performed the sh** out of the Joker role in the upcoming Batman sequel.
But, I am with you, BISS...., I think Hollywood needs to leave the classics alone. Although I think they did a smash up job of Superman, Spiderman and Batman, nothing can replace the old wam, bam's of the old comics.

I am also looking forward to the new Chronicles, after reading the whole series as a child I think they did a great job keeping to the storyline. Prince Caspien was one of my favorites and I can't wait til they do The Silver Chair.

And while we are on the subjects of sequels, what about the new Indiana Jones?? Think old Harrison can pull it off? And what about Shia (sp?) He turned into a cutie , eh?
Can't wait to see this one . Hope I am not disappointed in it as I was the prequels to the Star Wars trilogy. Ah, Star Wars, the epitome of good versus evil, May the Force be with you.

Ta Ta for now

because I said so.... said...

ZIPPERHEAD!!! you never answered the question.. who would have been a more believable IronMan? or are you still pouting b/c we turned this into a who's hot discussion? ninny baby

Freak - i'm sorry.. i missed that.. you're not above ----what---- to get a shot at that? what was that? ;~)