12 May, 2008

...And Another One

If you read the comments on this blog you have noticed that my wife's other friend (a.k.a. "the freaky one") has checked in. I'm a bit confused as to why she would seem so clueless as to why she is considered the freaky one. I assure you, it has nothing to do with the hair color. I won't go into detail since my mother reads this blog but think hard about it and I'm sure you'll come up with the answer. On the bright side, I found your comments to be rather relevant to the spirit of this blog. Yes, I'm quite astonished. It seems you have a little geek in you after all (and yes, there is a totally inappropriate joke in there somewhere but as I stated earlier, my mother reads this blog). So welcome aboard. I didn't want you to feel like you weren't as welcome as your other partner in crime otherwise I would have never heard the end of it I'm sure.


haonmot's woman said...

AAAHHHH, the colorful and intelligent people in my life. I pondered on my past last night when I could not sleep because of the damn pimple that adorns the tip of my nose....pregnancy is supposed to give you a nice complexion well not for me.

Anyway back to the point, it is amazing how people are put in your life. Such as who would have EVER imagined my husband and I together. We are night and day...literally! Besides the fact he is a complete Metairie boy and I am a complete Chalmation the combination is quite comical if you are familiar with these two areas. Intellectually and socially we are on two differnt planets as well. Also, knowing my two closest friends, out of the four of us, our coming together early in life is quite a feat as well.

The Freaky One was my partner in crime in high school. We were like BUTTA! So much that we looked like sisters (NO LIE). I even used her license when we went off to college. I became selfish and we both spread our wings and parted ways.

The Witty One, we were aquaintences in middle and high school but never became close until recently....now we are making up for lost time.

Back again to the point, The Freak and Witty one are both like my husband intillectually. That is why they get along so well with him. I never knew 17 plus years ago my future husband was in the spirit of my two closest friends I call sisters.

the freaky one said...

Ah! Lightbulb!!!

Yes, Haonmot, but, one night with cottonballs, leather chaps and a duck does not a freak make. Believe me, it takes years of practice and loads of imagination. Luckily, it comes pretty easily for me now. As for the little geek, plain and simple- yes, a time or two. And to set things straight about the Chalmette label, after pulling off the restraints, I don't bother with asking a name.

Oh my!!( in honor of H's wife) Wow. I do so hope that this has not been too graphic. Seeing that your mother reads this, I will apologize to her if I have offended. (sorry mom!)

Thanks so much for having me (again there is a joke in there but, I will restrain myself- oh but I soooo may love that)and look forward to many more reports.

Ta Ta for now

because I said so.... said...

you got that right on the never heard the end of it! smart man.

H's Woman, I think what you were trying to say that you should have married me and T. right? I could be wrong.. I not having a good week.

ZipperHead, did you pretty much say in your post that while you pegged 'the freaky one' to indeed be 'freaky' you also had her pegged to be a dipshit? lmao.. I love it! hahahaha.

the freaky one aka Freak Butta Nasty - point taken, a cottonballs, chaps and a duck do not a freak make.. however, 4 tongue depressors, a midget, a cup of ice, and an inflatable sheep - might. ;~)
- because I said so . . .

haonmot's woman said...

Now that you mention it, because I said so, I guess that is what I am saying. The we would not have the rediculous ex problems we have. We have to remember the after hubbies passes pack we have. This means you can not marry anyone younger then you.....LOL!!!

Where are all the other original bloggers?!? Do the newly joined bloggers scare you?

because I said so.... said...

not too worry! I'd have to actually get married first.. I'd say my 7 year stretch of singleness is proving I wont have the affliction of another marriage lol.

mark said...

Did I hear someone needs a little geek in them? The Puck is here to serve, and is always at the ready!