20 May, 2008

Rise of the Machines

What the hell is with all these companies that have automated machines call you? I'll pick up the phone and hear "if you wish to speak with a representative, press 1". How's this? If I wish to speak with a representative, I will call you. I understand that there are buisness reasons why companies do this but, honestly, I didn't like any business or economics classes when I was in school. It's bad enough most of these jobs get outsourced. Now they aren't even getting humans to do this crap. Skynet ain't far off people.

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because I said so.... said...

I hear ya.. I keep getting an automated recording at the office that says, "This is your final notice that the extended warranty on your vehicle is up for renewal".. that's when I pound the star key and hang up.. I'm like, wtf? ya'll been giving me the 'final notice' for 8 months now! and this is a business! there's no vehicle registered! dumb asses.