19 February, 2008

Happily Lost

Two things have kept me happily distracted in the past week and they both involve being lost. Some would argue this is appropriate since at times it seems my mind is lost and wandering. But I digress. The first is the t.v. show Lost. I have watched since episode 1 and I feel that the three episodes that have aired thus far this year are some of the best. I never really felt that they would get off the island til the last episode but obviously the "flash-forwards" show that to not be the case. I worried that if they got off the island the show would lose it's air of mystery. Seeing Jack's future and who Sayeed will be working for dispels that notion in my mind. I read an article in the past week (in my local paper I believe) crowing that this season shows that the writers never really knew where they were going and are just making up things as they go along. The writer complained that questions are never answered and more mysteries are constantly revealed. To me, this does not show the writers are lost (forgive the pun) but rather have created a complex story with so many levels that they must slowly pull back each level like the layers of an onion. I still believe this show is the best on television. The people that complain about it either haven't watched all the way through or are just to stupid to follow what's going on.
The second thing keeping my attention recently is the video game "Lost Odyssey". As you all know from my previous post I was eagerly awaiting picking up my copy last Tuesday. Due to a series of events beyond my control (and instituted by both Microsoft and Best Buy) I was not able to acquire said game until Wednesday afternoon. Let me say, it was worth the wait. The graphics are beautiful, the story deep and at points moving, and the characters are interesting. Yes, there are load times at some strange points but they are never that long and most often give you a moment to rest before a battle (or after an intense one). It has one of the most difficult first boss battles I have ever encountered (it took me about 3 hours to finally get past it). If you are a fan of video games, and RPGs in general, I highly recommend you play this game.
So there you go. If you have been trying to get in touch with me lately and haven't been able to, this is probably why. Or else I don't like you. Can't you get the hint?

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