25 January, 2008

Still Kicking

Not that it's likely anyone has been paying attention, but...I'm back. Where have I been you may ask? If you even are checking this blog anymore. There are a number of factors I could cite. Just suffice it to say it all boils down to laziness and short attention span. So, now I am back and ready to devote myself all out to making this the best blog I can, right? Not exactly. But if you are like me and only occasionally check your e-mail or favorite websites, then this blog is officially for you. I promise to update my blogs once in awhile and try to freshen things up if you promise to check in once in awhile. So, here we go. A new year, a new start. God help us all.


John Ward said...

Welcome back! I've missed your insightful commentary... eh, I can't pull that off. Let's just say it's good to see you writing again.

cherigrace said...

Yes, a New Year.... what shall we resolve? To blog more?
love ya!