26 January, 2008

Election Year Blues

Is anyone else sick of our presidential candidates yet? I'm sure most of you are. The problem is that most of their campaigns seem to have started shortly after the last one ended. Can't we pass a law that says no one can start campaigning until January of the year in which the election is held? That's plenty of time for these blowhards to spout their political views and wage personal attacks. If I want to hear people being insulted, I'll watch American Idol, thank you very much. While on this subject let me encourage anyone out there who is uninformed about the issues or individuals in this race not to vote. Yes, you read that right, if you don't know anything about the candidate or their platforms, please do NOT vote. Of course I realize it is your right as a (legal) U.S. citizen. But honestly, to vote just because you can is irresponsible. I mean, you have the right to bear arms as well but it doesn't mean you should. Does being informed necessarily mean you will vote for the "right" person? No. And not just because there is no "right" person (that being a subjective idea). But being uniformed sure will make you more likely to vote for the wrong person. There IS such thing as a wrong person (anyone remember Ross Perot?). So please, if you don't know what the hell is going on or don't know Obama from Huckabee find something else to do on election day. Maybe you could watch American Idol...(not that I condone that either).

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John Ward said...

Obama is from Huckabee? Where's that?