30 January, 2008


The area I live in seems to get an inordinate amount of power outages. I'm not really sure why. It kinda pisses me off though.


Faith said...

I, too, was without power on Thursday afternoon/evening. Dark, cold and three grandkids over here! It's amazing how kids can play without electronic toys!

cherigrace said...

Yeah we didn't have power either. Liz and Nick and I sat in front of the fireplace and talked for a couple hours- it was actually really fun. I was glad it came back on though, cuz they were goingt to bed and I would have been awake and REALLY BORED all night!!
I guess it was just super windy, nothing they can do if the wind blows out a power line. It blew out our beacon at the hospital for the helicopter.

because I said so.... said...

it's the spaceships.
or maybe like the little girl from the commercial says.. 'it's the mirrors'