17 September, 2007

Why I hate USC

Let me preface my statements by first saying that I am a die hard fan of the LSU Tigers. No other team comes before the purple and gold. Mike the Tiger. Death Valley on a Saturday night. Hold that Tiger. Nothing else compares in my mind. Well, it's football season once again and the fires are burning bright again. USC is ranked number 1. I have no problem with that since I think preseason polls are a joke. The first polls shouldn't come until October thus avoiding embarrassment for teams like Auburn and Michigan (who people thought would be pretty good and aren't). So what is my beef with USC you might ask? I'm glad you did... They are pretenders to a throne they never lawfully sat upon.
You see, back when the BCS(Bowl Championship Series for the football acronym impaired) was first implemented the parameters were voted upon by all participants. In other words, all the AD's (athletic directors), coaches, college presidents, etc. agreed on how the system would work (the fact that it doesn't is a discussion for another day). Anyways, everyone agreed and that includes USC. Well, in 2003 there were 3 schools vying for one spot in the BCS national championship game -- LSU, USC, and Oklahoma. USC got left out (and for the record I think they got the shaft...Oklahoma didn't even win their own conference championship). But, none the less, USC got left out and LSU won the national championship game on the field. Fair enough, right? Everyone played within the confines of the system and LSU came out on top. Except that wasn't good enough for USC. The coaches poll voted them number one (why is there a coaches' poll? Who knows) So since then, USC would have you believe they have won 2 national championships this decade and played for a third. Yet, the year they won it on the field they were in no hurry to share their title with Auburn (who also went undefeated that year). So the truth is USC has won one on the field, got beat in another and never played for one in 2003. So they need to stop saying they did. It makes them look like the poor losers they are. I hope that somehow this blog is read by every member of the student body at USC, all their players and coaches, Reggie Bush and Matt Leinert. You all need to shut up about 2003.

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number 1 cuz said...

I have no clue what you are talking about, but as long as it is not titled "Why I hate (anything)NC" then I don't really need to opine.