17 September, 2007

Top 5 Songs EVER

I don't like lists that rank things. But they sure are a quick way to piss people off and start heated debate (two of my favorite pastimes). My list of best songs ever probably would change depending on when I wrote this and what kind of mood I'm in (as I'm writing this I'm wondering if I should include "Brown-Eyed Girl" or not). So, I may not argue vehemently for this list since I'm not 100% sold myself but I am willing to argue nonetheless.
5. "Life in the Fast Lane"-- The Eagles. Try not to sing along to this song. I dare you. If you know even some of the words it's impossible. This song just rocks. Nothing else to say.
4. "Hey Jude"-- The Beatles. You can't have a top 5 list without a Beatles song. There may be other songs of theirs you'd put here but for me, this is the one. This song gets me every time. It's about taking a chance on love and the effect it has on you. How can you not like that?
3. "All Along the Watchtower"--Jimi Hendrix. Yes, I know this was originally a Bob Dylan song but 99% of America didn't. So while technically this is a cover it is one of the most bad ass songs ever. I'd be lying if I told you I knew what it was about but that just doesn't matter when you're listening to it. And for those of you who think you don't like Jimi Hendrix then you must not like songs with guitar playing in it because everyone that came after Jimi was influenced by Jimi.
2. "Stairway to Heaven"--Led Zeppelin. I tried not to put this on the list because it makes you seem like a poser. This song is on every one's list. But it's there for a reason. It's just plain awesome. I've heard people say there is a hidden Satanic message if you play this song backwards. If that's true then this song is even more awesome because they wrote a great song forward that really has a backwards message. How hard is that?
1. "American Pie"--Don McLean. You're asking yourself why. This is the only song on the list that I would defend to the last word. This song is like an epic poem put to music. I don't even like Buddy Holly(that's who the song is about) and yet it makes me feel. If you think this song doesn't belong you really need to lock yourself in a room and listen a few times. Seriously....
There are many bands I love that wouldn't make this list ever (Rush, Yes, Soundgarden) because this list is about individual songs that transcend time and genre. And no you can't put anything on this list less than 10 years old. If anybody tries to argue that someone like Nickelback should be on here, you're an idiot.


John Ward said...

Dude! This is the worst post ever. In fact, in my list of worst posts this ranks number one.

How can you leave out:

5. Mandy
4. Copacabana
3. Candle in the Wind
2. Love Will Keep Us Together
1. The Mockarena

Now, that's a list! Not really a serious list, but you probably figured that out already.

number 1 cuz said...

Okay, I'll bite. What about these timeless favorites?

5. Once there were 3 fishermen
4. Itsy bitsy spider
3. Twinkle twinkle little star
2. John Jacob Jinglhaimer-Smith
1. 99 Bottles of beer on the wall

Michigan Man said...

Dude! Or should I say dumbass!!!! How can you not (using your own criteria)have anything on this list by the most prolific musical poet ever... namely Jim Morrison and the Doors. My little brother, I used to know you, now I am certain that your body has been taken over by Space Alien Homosexuals.No Pink Floyd? Rush? How about other better selections from Elton John? Do me a favor... Sit back, crank up Kashmir and rethink your list, because it sounds like some old lady's shopping list. Love ya anyway!!! Peace.

Haonmot said...

While I love all the songs and bands (barring the Doors) that Michigan Man listed you will recall that I even said I was not entirely sold on my list myself. I just wanted to get people talking. Worked, huh? By the way, tell everyone you know about my blog, will ya? The more people that read, the quicker I can enlighten the masses.

Michigan Man said...

Sean, dude it is such a beautiful fall day here today, I am listening to the football game and doing homework with Cody. A trip outside made me think of you and sitting around listening to all types of music with you. Love Ya!